Dominic Moore brings his Basher Bacon Roadshow to The Old Butter Roads Festival

Dominic Moore is a full-time professional performer and we are very excited to welcome his one man show The Basher Bacon Roadshow to The Old Butter Roads Festival.

dominic moore.jpg

Dominic is one of Ireland’s most experienced puppeteers. His television credits include: The Why Guyhubble (both available to watch on the rté player),SattitudeThe Swamp (where his characterBasher Bacon was first unleashed on anunsuspecting public ), Wordwitch, and The Rimini Riddle. He was a core member ofThe Morbegs, which combined animatronics and live actors to produce one of Irish television’s most memorable children’s programmes.

Dominic invites everyone to join Basher Bacon’s team on a heroic journey through a fairytale land. Guided with wit, courage and derring-do, children will: solve the problem of how to defeat the evil Wizard and help Basher Bacon confront his odious sister Vera. Also, they will imagine the different ways to win a mighty battle with a horrible monster Teapot, and work together with Basher to gain the trust and companionship of Judy.

This script, devised over 20 years of testing material with young audiences, allows children to interact with the characters and become immersed in the world of the story, participating through answering questions asked to them by different characters in they meet during the puppet show. It is an exciting experience for young audiences; facilitated with care and attention by Dominic. The session will benefit children because “these activities and experiences (should) help the child to make sense of the world; to question, to speculate and to find solutions” (Arts in Education Charter 2012).

The Basher Bacon Roadshow is really two shows in one. Basher opens the Roadshow with his own one-man comedy show, chatting to his audience and regaling them with his unique style of good humoured banter. He then introduces the glove puppet show, based around events in his own wonderfully wacky world. The show, while incorporating comic sketches, frightening adventures,ludicrous predicaments and quick-fire snappy dialogue throughout, retains a strong storyline with arobust moral tone.

Beautiful damsels, obnoxious sisters, indescribably evil monsters and of course, Basher himself, all combine to make this a most entertaining live show for children.